Burak Kadercan

Associate Professor of Strategy and Policy, Naval War College

In a previous life, I was a bass player and composer. Over the years, I played in numerous venues in Istanbul, upstate-NY, Chicago, London, New England, and Barcelona. I've also had the privilege of sharing the stage with great artists from Yavuz Cetin in Istanbul to Living Colour in New England.

In the meantime, I wrote and recorded a bunch of songs, with a do-it-yourself principle.

Below are some samples, in both Turkish and English.

(You can blame my graduate student stipend for the poor production quality and none other than yours truly for poor song-writing skills)  

Sample 1 (Turkish)

Sample 2 (TR)

Sample 3 (TR)

Sample 4 (TR)

Sample 5 (English)

​I still write music, though no longer gigging & recording frequently.